Gioachino Rossini

Gioachino Rossini

Lowell House Opera 2018

Performed in French with full orchestra
Music Direction by Edward Jones & Joseph Turbessi
Stage Direction by Roxanna Myhrum
Produced by Sherry Gao

Show Dates:
Thursday April 12th, 7:30PM
Friday April 13th, 7:30PM
Saturday April 14th, 7:30PM
Sunday April 15th, 2:00PM


About the Opera Known for his many dynamic characters who stand up to men behaving badly, Rossini set his sights in Le Comte Ory on the sexual antics of the medieval French nobility. His captivating and challenging score pairs astonishing vocal virtuosity with a 19th century feminist flair. When the licentious Count Ory dons disguises to seduce a lonely Countess, outrageous hijinks ensue to keep him (and his chorus of knightly drinking buddies) at bay. 

Le Comte Ory ... Steven D. Myles, Wes Hunter, (Kartik Ayysola)
La Comtesse Adele ... Christine Teeters, Hailey Fuqua, (Alyssa Weathersby)
Isolier ... Rebecca Krouner, Madeline Bawden, (Emily Adams)
Dame Ragonde ... Rachel Davies, Giliana Norkunas, (Julia Jaffe)
Gouverneur Miles Rind, Marcus Schenck (RaShaun Campbell)
Raimbaud Timothy Passetto
Alice ... Alyssa Weathersby, Madeline Ross (Jennifer Zabelsky)
Women's Ensemble ... Emily Adams, Krista Carmichael, Katheryn Currie, Melanie Donnelly, Oriana Inferrera, Julia Jaffe, Lyndie Laramore, Ketti Jane Muschler, Laura Virginia Pernas, Cheranjana Thuyacontha, Stephanie Wooler, Jennifer Zabelsky
Men's Ensemble ... Kartik Ayysola, RaShaun Campbell, Andrew Flannery, Frederick Metzger, Tom Regan, Noah Sadik, William Suter, Charlie Tyson

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