An announcement regarding our new stage director and our 2018 production is coming soon! Audition information for cast will be released shortly, with auditions occurring in November and rehearsals beginning late December or early 2019.

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Le Comte Ory

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Cast list and poster are provided.

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Le Comte Ory CAST

Performing April 12 & 14 / Performing April 13 & 15

Le Comte Ory
Steven D. Myles / Wes Hunter
(Kartik Ayysola)

La Comtesse Adele
Christine Teeters / Hailey Fuqua
(Alyssa Weathersby)

Rebecca Krouner / Madeline Bawden
(Emily Adams)

Le Gouverneur
Miles Rind / Markus Schenk

Timothy Passetto

Dame Ragonde
Giliana Norkunas / Rachel Davies

Alyssa Weathersby / Madeline Ross
(Jennifer Zabelsky)

Men's Ensemble

Kartik Ayysola (Coryphée)
Andrew Flannery
 Frederick Metzger
 William Suter
 Charlie Tyson
Zach Egan
 Eduardo Arturo
 Jonathan Lawlor



Women's Ensemble

 Emily Adams (Coryphée) 
 Krista Carmichael
Katheryn Currie
Melanie Donnelly
 Oriana Inferrera
 Lyndie Laramore
 Ketti Jane Muschler
 Cheranjana Thuyacontha
 Stephanie Wooler
 Jennifer Zabelsky
 Caroline Rakus-Wojciechowski
Kayla Johnson

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